Create a culture of total wellbeing, one small action at a time.

Today's workforce expects it. Today's business environment demands it.

It started as a healthcare benefit

Employee wellbeing programs emerged as a way to reduce healthcare costs, accidents and absenteeism.
8 out of 10 companies over 50 employees offer wellness benefits.

and became a leading corporate performance strategy

Now, top organizations focus on wellbeing to get better creativity, productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

But wellbeing programs are expensive and often fail

Many initiatives don't deliver ROI due to poor participation, inconsistent communication and lack of alignment to company culture.

You can do better if you start with doing.

Instead of starting with complex, expensive programs, CultureBee helps you create engagement around small, gamified, highly observable interventions that span the entire spectrum of human wellness and performance.

Lower the barriers of entry for your company and team

A stand-alone wellness solution can take months to plan and implement, and then more time to see if you've made the right choices for your team. With CultureBee, you can let your people go straight to practicing fun, science-based behaviors - and learn by watching what they do.

Prebuilt library of wellbeing challenges

Templates for engaging events and targeted campaigns

Native Android and IOS mobile apps

Promote a holistic approach to wellbeing

One-off wellness benefits, like meditation apps and gym discounts can leave much of your team feeling excluded or disinterested. CultureBee's libraries of diverse daily actions gives every person a way to participate on their own terms.

Address the needs of all employees, not just those who are already well.

Help your people practice healthy behaviors across the entire wellbeing spectrum.


of employees who work for organizations with wellness programs like their jobs more and are more likely to recommend their employer to others.

Increase participation in wellness initiatives

For most people, the biggest driver of engagement is observing behaviors of others around them. When you practice and celebrate wellbeing actions together, you give your team permission to feel better at work.

Create visibility and foster utilization of existing wellness benefits.

Recognize and reward employees for their wellbeing achievements.

Create a positive, safe and connected company culture

Workplace wellbeing starts with people feeling connected, appreciated and psychologically safe around their colleagues. CultureBee helps you do and celebrate things together, creating connections rooted in more than just work.

Build a culture gratitude and recognition

Facilitate deeper connections and friendships among your team

Promote specific behaviors that create a better workplace

Give your people a sense of purpose and belonging

A sense of purpose that's bigger than themselves is a powerful driver of wellbeing, resilience and day-to-day motivation. With CultureBee, you can create a clear connection between what your team does day-to-day and the impact they can create in the organization, their communities and the world.

Strengthen connection to your company values

Empower employees to take action on causes important to them

Unite the team around common goals and causes

Bee good to your team today.