'Nuff surveys and dashboards.
Let's do something.

Having an engaged workforce is not negotiable.
Your business depends on it.

But it's not enough to measure engagement

Understanding employee engagement is a great first step, but it's also where most solutions and consulting engagements stop. The real work begins when the results are in.

It can't be a one-way street

Your company shouldn't carry the weight of engaging its people all by itself. You should expect your employees to do their part. Gladly, most of them will jump at the opportunity.

Or an "HR thing"

Your HR team is stretched thin, and it can't uncover and sustain meaningful actions to drive engagement across the whole organization.

So build a culture of Doing Something with CultureBee

Give everyone on the team a way to consistently practice and for behaviors that make your company awesome. You'll learn a ton, see engagement grow organically, and stop feeling like you have to do all the work yourself.

Create meaningful, positive employee connections

Whether you're onsite, remote or somewhere in between, your team can benefit from closer relationships and a shared identify: things that develop quickly when you do something together.

With CultureBee's built-in libraries of fun challenges, engaging events and purposeful campaigns, doing something and celebrating successes together is fun and easy.

Promote inclusivity by giving every person an opportunity to engage

The challenge with typical employee engagement efforts is that they apply to small cross-sections of the company at a time. If you run a fitness challenge, you're excluding some people. Happy hours? Not everyone's into that. A fundraiser? Yes! But many people aren't philanthropically inclined or have resources to participate.

The key to sustained engagement is to give every team member a way to contribute to your culture and feel like they're a part of the team, on their own terms.

Foster a culture of gratitude and recognition

Expressing gratitude to your colleagues is a powerful driver of connection and engagement. So is getting publicly recognized for a job well done, a contribution to an important company program, or just upholding a company value.

CultureBee makes it easy and seamless for your team to send, share and add-on to recognition sent by others. It's one of the many good things happening on the platform, so it always feels genuine and natural.

Promote behaviors that matter most

As a leadership team, you know what facets of your culture matter in executing your strategy. Some of them, like your core values, will matter forever. Others need a shot in the arm, like, Right Now.

CultureBee makes this possible by helping you promote and reward specific, observable and teachable behaviors that bolster the cultural elements you need. Culture is what you Do, and now you can get straight to the doing.

Learn what drives your people, without asking

Every company and each team are different. Do you know what engages yours? Watch not what people say in formal surveys, but what daily behaviors they practice and talk about. CultureBee makes it easy to uncover and amplify your unique drivers of engagement: be it wellbeing, learning & development, or your CSR program.

Bee good to your team today.