Campaigns 🎯

Campaigns help you engage the whole team around important milestones, projects and causes. They are time-bound, have a company-wide goal, and consist of diverse challenges and events that let every employee contribute in some way.

Launch campaigns in minutes with built-in templates

If you’re ready to bring the team together, but need some inspiration around themes and activities, you’ll love the CultureBee campaign library.

Whether you want to promote employee well-being, take action on diversity and inclusion, or fight climate change together, the prebuilt templates will help you get going without having to design all the artwork, communications and behaviors yourself.

Give every team member an opportunity to contribute

As with every employee engagement initiative, it’s important to meet your team where they are. Some of your people love learning, others might engage better around doing, mentoring, volunteering, charitable giving or other behaviors. CultureBee campaigns can help you celebrate this diversity while getting more of your staff to engage.

Rally your team behind major initiatives

What's in your strategic plan for the year? Is it a big training initiative? A product launch? An effort to improve customer satisfaction? You'll have more fun and get there faster if you get more of your team engaged.

Enter CultureBee campaigns: an easy way to atomize big important projects into small behaviors that spark friendly competition, make work more social, and give everyone a clear line of sight into what's important.

Effortlessly drive participation and engagement

Designing a great employee-facing campaign is just half the battle, and often just a small part of the work it'll take to make it successful.

Gladly, CultureBee is really good at the other half: helping you communicate with your team and sustain engagement until you hit the goal.

Pre-scheduled campaign announcements

Automatic campaign progress reports

Company-wide feed visibility of team contributions


Create a lasting impact on team morale and employer brand

As your campaign winds down (hopefully with a short but serious dance party to celebrate your success), your team is left with a timeless reminder of how much good you can do when you come together. All past campaigns can be accessed right in CultureBee, helping stoke good memories and onboard new team members into your culture.

Bee good to your team today.