Recognition 🏆

CultureBee’s social recognition features help you create a culture of gratitude and frequent feedback. These behaviors are key to building a strong, connected culture and reinforcing behaviors, values and programs that move your company forward.

Give each team member some points to send

Each month, everyone gets a monthly award of points (we call them Goodies) to send in recognizing their colleagues. Use them all once for a big hearty Thank You, or spread them out over several opportunities to make someone’s day.

Configurable monthly awards

Automatic reminders to send recognition

Make gratitude a habit

Recognition has amazing benefits for both the sender and the receiver. CultureBee creates an environment where it can be practiced naturally as just another great daily action: like getting a good night’s sleep, getting your steps in, and completing that open enrollment (see what we did there?)

Say a public Thank You in 60 seconds or less

View a company-wide recognition feed

Keep track of recognition sent and received

Reinforce your values

When you add your company values to CultureBee, your team will be able to recognize each other for living them every day. It’s an incredible reinforcement of the way you do things, and a powerful tool in onboarding new team members into your culture.


of employees are more likely to repeat a specific action after getting recognition for it.

Recognize contributions to company programs

Recognizing your colleagues for acting on company-wide programs and initiatives is a great way to keep them front and center, and to keep employee participation high. With CultureBee, it’s super easy to tag programs to recognition posts to provide useful reinforcement and context.

Increase engagement with sharing and boosting

Maximize the impact of every sent recognition by letting the broader team add-on to some else’s thank you. This way, employees who wouldn’t normally offer praise can see how amazing it feels. 

Your recognition receivers can easily share their kudos with another colleague, pulling more people into the party.

Bee good to your team today.