Rewards 🛍️

Rewards let your employees redeem their CultureBee points for cool gifts of your company's choosing. It's a great way to boost engagement and close the loop on all the great work they do in the platform.

Reward your people for contributions to culture and business outcomes

If your team is stepping up and practicing behaviors that matter to the organization, rewarding them is a sure way to signal appreciation and increase the chance of forming long-term norms and habits. CultureBee makes this process fun and easy.

Redeem points for awards in a built-in store

Incentivize desired behaviors with additional points

Increase team engagement with public reward redemptions

Redeem points for charitable contributions

Want some reward options that feel great to the employee and help others too? Let your team redeem CultureBee points for donations to charities of their choice. This fosters a sense of shared purpose, improves your employer brand, and quite literally makes the world a better place.

Create rewards that are meaningful to your team

You know your team better than anyone and can likely come up with something more meaningful than branded swag.

CultureBee lets you easily publish and announce unique rewards that celebrate your culture and unique rituals.

Create rewards and reward categories

Limit rewards to specific employee groups

Designate public or private rewards

Effortlessly announce new rewards via email, CultureBee posts and in-app notifications

Enjoy robust reporting for all activity

Curious to see all the ways your team is earning and redeeming their points? CultureBee Analytics is a great great place to get this and other insights.

See earning redemption by location, department and employee type

Export all data to CSV for your own analysis

Bee good to your team today.