How Culture Activation Works 🚀

Your company culture is shaped by hundreds of small actions that your team takes every day. These actions, much more than words, impact how your people feel, how they make decisions, and how your organization is perceived inside and out. 

CultureBee activates important aspects of your culture through behavioral change. We help your team practice, celebrate and reward behaviors that increase engagement, improve business performance and create an amazing place to work.


Choose the areas of culture you want to advance

These areas will be mapped to hundreds of small, science-backed behaviors in the CultureBee library that your team can start practicing on day one. 

Some of these behaviors are one-time, while others can be repeated, done over time or completed in a series of steps. Behaviors like learning, social recognition, volunteering and charitable giving are seamlessly enabled through specific modules of the CultureBee platform.


Nudge your team into action

This is our secret sauce. CultureBee's proprietary engagement engine uses gamification, rewards, social reinforcement, and multi-channel nudges to keep your team coming back and doing more together. No need to keep reminding your people to do something: CultureBee runs itself.


Reward your people for their contributions to culture

For most employees, the thrill of a meaningful social connection and friendly competition will be enough to keep going. But you can also amplify engagement and explicitly reward your team's contributions to culture by letting them redeem in-platform points (we call them Goodies) for rewards of your choice.


Atomize and gamify your company programs & initiatives

Once you see how easy it is to get engagement with CultureBee's built-in behaviors, you'll be ready to create your own.

CultureBee lets you effortlessly curate and internally market small challenges, targeted events, and all-hands-on-deck campaigns to support initiatives that move your company forward.

Bee good to your team today.