Culture is not what you say

It's not your company slogans, perks or programs. It's what you do every day and see others do around you.

Let's build better cultures by doing.

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CultureBee helps companies discover, celebrate and reward behaviors that create stronger cultures and higher employee engagement

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You know who you are
and where you're going

If you're like most leadership teams, you know exactly what makes your company special, what elements of culture enable your strategy, and what initiatives drive your success.

CultureBee can help you get there

The platform activates your team toward the programs and cultural dimensions you want to advance. It works by nudging employees into small, specific behaviors that make a difference, and helping you create new social norms around them.

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Small daily steps. Huge, enduring benefits.

Increase Employee Engagement 👋🏾

Most employee engagement solutions focus on measuring engagement. You get a pretty chart of how things are trending, but then have to do the heavy lifting yourself to affect any change. What if you could start by actually Doing Something engaging instead?

Promote Health & Wellness đŸĨ•

Create a culture of wellbeing throughout the company by helping your team practice highly visible, recognized and reinforced behaviors that keep your people feeling and performing at their best.

Gamify Company Programs đŸ“ļ

CultureBee helps you prompt and sustain engagement with important company programs by creating new social norms and behaviors around them. Let your team start with small, visible actions, and watch programs like L&D, DEIB and cost containment really take off!

Create a Purpose-Driven Culture 🌎

Strong, positive cultures are built by doing small good things on the daily. Whether it's living out your company values, creating social and environmental impact, promoting diversity, or supporting your team's involvement in their communities, CultureBee can be an amazing place to start.

Bee good to your team today.