Your company programs are no joke. But they can be a game.

When it comes to moving your organization forward, sustained engagement is key

Your programs are top notch

Most companies we speak with put a lot of thought into programs like DEIB, customer satisfaction, wellness, employee development and corporate social responsibility.

But it's difficult to keep the energy going

After a program is launched, and the initial excitement wears off, participation can languish, especially with employees who weren't there at the start.

And consistent communication takes time you don't have

Even the best-designed initiatives require constant reminders, nudges and updates - which are hard to keep up with when you have a lot on your plate.

Create bottoms-up engagement with CultureBee

CultureBee helps you increase employee participation by gamifying, celebrating and rewarding specific behaviors that move the needle. It's the Doing that makes the initiative a part of your culture, and now there's literally an app for that.

Atomize and gamify major programs and initiatives

Every project you take on, no matter how big, has a handful of simple behaviors that make an outsize impact if the team really gets onboard. With CultureBee, you can package them up into small, fun, highly visible actions - and watch engagement grow.

Gamify libraries of small actions that the team can do immediately or over time.

Effortlessly announce new challenges and remind the team to join

Make everyday work more fun and social

Celebrate and reward behaviors that matter

When your team starts acting on the program, CultureBee can help provide powerful extrinsic reinforcement for behaviors that drive the desired outcomes.

Provide social reinforcement for important behaviors in the company feed

Give employees on-the-spot recognition and rewards tied to specific initiatives

Foster team spirit with coordinated campaigns

No matter how much we communicate, sometimes it still feels like important work happens in silos. With CultureBee, you can unlock collaboration and performance across teams with company-wide campaigns that help you dance to the same beat.

Create time-bound common goals and ways for everyone in the company to participate.

Unlock friendly competition among employees and teams

Create visibility for your achievements through company-wide feed and leaderboards

Reach the right employees at the right time

Not all programs apply to everyone. Sometimes, you need to engage just your sales organization or just your team in Boston. With CultureBee, every small behavior can be tailored just for the people you need to engage.

Easily filter challenges, events and campaigns by role, team, location and other attributes.

Limit display of social discussion and recognitions to relevant parts of the team.

Bee good to your team today.