Challenges 🎮

Challenges are small behaviors that your team can do on their own schedule, but still feel like they're doing something together. They're perfect for supporting company values, atomizing major company initiatives and practicing healthy daily habits.

Get a running start with hundreds of built-in behaviors

When you sign up, your CultureBee account will come out of the box with libraries of fun, social challenges that activate cultural elements most companies want.

Whether you want to engage your team, promote employee wellbeing, take action on corporate social responsibility or become more innovative, there are proven, science-based behaviors you can practice and learn from on day 1.

Highlight and incentivize behaviors that matter

Want to focus on a specific area or behavior? You can keep important challenges top of mind on your team's dashboards by putting them in a special "Featured" category, so everyone knows what's important.

Want even more engagement? Sweeten the pot with some extra points to encourage friendly competition or get them closer to a reward they've been saving up for.

Gamify anything with diverse challenge types

CultureBee challenges are flexible enough to power a wide range of actions, small projects and daily habits. The built-in challenge designer makes creating new challenges a breeze.

Hit a check or numeric goal

Watch a video

Make a donation to a registered non-profit

Track volunteering hours

Complete a series of steps

Check-in over periods of time

Tailor behaviors for specific employee groups

Most of the challenges you publish or create will apply to all team members at once - but that's not to say you can't create behaviors that apply just to parts of the team you want to target.

Want to create a sales learning initiative? Go for it. Need to engage all team members in Chicago? Let's go. Trying get a new behavior to catch on among people managers? CultureBee's got you covered.

Effortlessly announce and remind the team about new challenges

Whether you're creating your own challenge or picking one from CultureBee's growing library, getting your team up to speed fast is a piece of cake.

Immediate or sheduled announcements

Configurable reminders

Email, In-App and CultureBee post notifications

Challenge progress nudges

Bee good to your team today.